Vastu Tips for Kitchen Layout

 Vastu Tips 

As indicated by Vaastu Shastra, the conspicuousness of a kitchen inside the components of a family unit is very critical. It is simple for us to perceive how much criticalness was related with a kitchen, from the development of old homes. The kitchen is a basic aspect of any Indian family—the wellspring of our day-long energy. It's the spot of change – on the grounds that it is here that the uncooked food is changed into flavorful dinners. A similar food at that point gives "energy" to relatives. Each and every apparatus that discovers pride of spot in your kitchen is significant and ought to be set by the standards of Vastu. Nowadays the lack of land and the favourability towards pads has decreased the significance of the kitchen by and large. Yet, there are a ton of things that we can in any case follow as per Vaastu Shastra as underneath: 

Kerala Vastu Shastram 

1. We should begin essentially with the situation of the kitchen itself. As per Vaastu Shastra, the kitchen ought to be situated in the north-west part or south-east aspect of the house. 

2. In the kitchen, the situation of the sink, drinking water tap, and the preferences ought to be especially positioned in the north-east aspect of the house. 

3. The ice chest, processor, cupboards and so forth can be put in the south just as on the west side of the kitchen. 

4. Take care to situate the storeroom in the south-east or east district. 

5. The oven ought to be kept in a way with the end goal that we face the east and cook. 

Following these, you get a Vastu adaptable kitchen having all the capacity to discard all negative energies along with tolerating and improving all the positive energies accessible. Thriving, achievement and true serenity is guaranteed.


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