Vastu Guide Prior to Planning a Home

 Before we consider spending lakhs on building a house, counseling a soothsayer to examine the horoscope of the individual would end up being useful. Let me share with you the encounters of two individuals who came to me. 

One of them had begun the development of his home ten years back. Since the time the finishing of the structure, no work has occurred until today. Cash was not an issue for this individual from the Gulf. The experience of the subsequent individual: The development sum that he had given towards a level was gotten back to him by the development organization approaching him to search for another level. 

Kerala Vastu Shastram 

At the point when the horoscope of the subsequent individual was investigated cautiously, it was discovered that the spouse didn't appear to have the predetermination to claim a house. However, the spouse would do well to karma. Since an advance couldn't be given for the sake of the spouse, it was done in both their names. A month ago, they played out their housewarming service. 

In a horoscope, it is the fourth Bhava that makes us begin to think about a home. The horoscopes, regarding the Lagna, having the accompanying prospects, for example, propitious planets remaining in the fourth house, Drishti being brought about by the promising planets, the planet who is the Lord of the fourth house additionally getting the authority of the Trikona rasi, the ruler of the fourth house taking a situation in the magnified state, Moola Trikona or own home state, will have the option to claim a house and live in it cheerfully. 

On the off chance that the Lord of karma enters the Kendra when the Lord of the fourth house is remaining as the most commended, at that point the individual will the proprietor of an excellent home. 

In the event that the Lord of the fourth house and the Lord of the Lagna stand together in the fourth house, unforeseen benefits about the house will be seen. 

In the event that there is a trade between the Lords of the fourth and seventh house, or if Venus or Lord of the fourth house even glances at the Lord of the seventh house, you will undoubtedly get abundance and a house from your significant other's side. 

On the off potential for success that Rahu has in the fourth house, the development of your home won't get finished. Regardless of whether you figure out how to finish the development, a ton of redesigns will be in line. 

On the off chance that there is an exchange between the Lords of the fourth house and the sixth house, you will secure your home from your adversaries through the triumph of a case. 

Rulers through various Houses:1st Lord in the fourth House 

Consideration needs to paid to fundamentally two things. The stones required for the development of the house should be brought over first. Also, don't utilize the structures of the old house for the enhanced one.


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