9 Vastu shastra tips you should know!

 The significance of Vastu Shastra in our life is that it brings thriving and joy. Vastu is truly sensible dependent on expository science however not on suspicions. Vastu Shastra follows up on a given space and permits positive energy to stream. The best some portion of Vastu Shastra is that, it's rules are simple and easy to follow. The adaptability permits practically all development to apply Vastu standards. Vastu removes energy from the five essential components of nature – the sun powered energy (Sun), lunar energy (Moon), wind energy (Atmosphere), earth's attractive energy (Earth) and fire energy (Fire). The parity of every one of these components of nature is the thing that acquires flourishing the life of an individual. Vastu Shastra consequently empowers to get concordance the life of individuals who follow the standards of Vastu Shastra. 

The 9 Vastu tips are: 

For endurance, man needs three basic things; food, air and haven. And keeping in mind that building a safe house, you have to deal with a couple of things as indicated by Vastu Shastra which is as per the following. 

1. Room 

The room is, where you unwind and enjoy a reprieve from the pressure. This is the room that empowers you to have a sound rest and revives you for the following day. Almost 1/third of your life goes in dozing, and if the room is planned according to Vastu Shastra standards, it will deal with this 1/3 of life. 

Ideal spot to have the room is South-West or South. This is likewise pertinent for the main room, which can be in South or South-West. The passage ought to be situated in the North or East, however not in South-West. 

2. Dozing Direction 

The head ought to be in South and the legs towards northern bearing for a sound and tranquil rest. You ought to never put your head the North way as it might cause medical affliction, terrible dreams and a sleeping disorder. 

Laying down with your head towards the East course is best quadrant, especially for understudies since this is where all the positive energy is put away. Understudies, when they rise promptly toward the beginning of the day, can go to the correct side and get the energy of the Sun. This way they can begin their day with positive energy. 

3. Petition Room 

After the room, the most noteworthy spot in the house is the petition room. Here when you place the photos of gods it ought to be on the eastern side as it were. Photos of the perished individual ought not be kept with the gods however outwardly of the special raised area. 

Try not to fabricate your supplication room under the flight of stairs, it isn't viewed as promising. The space under the steps can be utilized for capacity. Image of gods ought to be put on the east, so wards can implore confronting east. 

4. Tulasi Plant 

Each regular house suggests planting of restorative plants or spices, or blossoms to perform pooja. These plants with their aroma and mending power add positive energies to the feel. 

As per Vastu, it is viewed as promising to have a Tulasi plant before your home. It averts negative impacts from your home. The Tulasi plant ought to be situated in the front of the house (not legitimately) to the primary passage. The ideal spot is East. 

5. Kitchen 

The kitchen is the place you plan food, and as indicated by Vastu Shastra, there is a recommended place for a kitchen. 

The kitchen, according to the Vastu Shastra, ought to preferably be situated in the North-Eastern aspect of the house. The decision planet of the kitchen is Venus since fire is supposed to be the decision component. The kitchen ought not be situated over the pooja room, room or latrine. It ought to be in the North-East aspect of the structure. 

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6. Well 

Vastu Shastra says when you manufacture another house the primary activity is burrow a well. On the off chance that the water from this well is utilized for development, it is viewed as propitious for individuals living in that house. A well ought to be round in development and ought to be presented to daylight. It isn't fitting if a well is shared between two properties. 

It is exhorted that the water source or well ought to be set on the North or North-East side of the property. In the event that you draw a line from North-East corner to South-East corner, the pivot ought to be on the left or right half of the line, not on it. 

The well ought not be delved in the South-East aspect of the property, since this is the administering spot of fire, and may cause struggle with water sources. It is consequently viewed as unpropitious. 

7. Washroom 

A living spot that is Vastu consistent furnishes detainees with a calm, tranquil, and reformist life. More often than not, we have seen that restrooms are made anyplace in the house, which will in general transmit negative energy in the house. As per Vastu standards, a washroom must be inherent a particular area. The restroom ought not be built in any sides of the house. Preferably, the Eastern aspect of the house is the best spot to have a restroom. The latrine ought to be based on the north-west or west aspect of the structure. 

8. Steps 

As per Vastu, it is entirely okay to manufacture the flight of stairs the West or South way. Since the flight of stairs is supposed to be a hefty structure, and whenever set south way, it will impede all the negative energy, and there won't be any unfriendly impacts. At the point when the steps are manufactured, it ought to consistently ascend from the East heading to arrive on West or start from North to arrive on South. The spots you ought to abstain from building a flight of stairs is the upper east way and the focal point of the house. 

9. Lights 

It is accepted that when you light a light in the house it averts all the negative energies. One can light an oil light and spot it the east way. The light should least have two wicks; you can likewise have a limit of 5 to 7 wicks on a light. The light ought to never confront South as it isn't viewed as promising. The light ought to never be lit with one wick. You can likewise keep a light before a divinity, or close to Tulasi plant in the patio for otherworldly advantages. 

10. Trees 

Trees might be planted on the South or West bearing and ought not be excessively near the house. South aspect of the property is ideal for trees as it will impede the negative energies from the South-West heading. Likewise, ensure the parts of the tree isn't in contact with the structure, since this way sure beams won't be gotten by the structure. The great trees that can be planted are Coconut, Neem, Jackfruit, Mango, Amla and so forth


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