Astrology Tips to Save Money

On the off chance that there is impact of Rahu, Saturn or Mars on your cash place then somebody can take your cash. On the off chance that Mars is excessively solid, at that point you may have issues yet you will prevail upon that. Be that as it may, in the event that it feeble, at that point you will lose your cash/property.

Crystal gazing Tips to Save Money – 

  1. At some point there is triangle or square on the palm. On the off chance that it is shut, at that point it would be great. However, on the off chance that it is open or it has a few lines or on the off chance that has a few spots, at that point you may have loss of property.If such lines from heap of Venus or pile of Moon goes to the karma line and it turns out to be low then you may have loss of property/cash. 

  2. You should need to give some cash to the sanctuary or god. You need to take care that this cash will use in great work. 

  3. Keep gem Shivaling and more seasoned individuals of home should venerate it with Panchamrut consistently. Take dust from burial ground and blend beats, potty of bovine and curd in it. Make Shivaling from this blend and love it. 

  4. You should need to venerate goddess Baglamukhi. Plant peeple tree each month. 

  5. You will get advantage by eating ashore. It is called as parthiv bhojan. On the off chance that this is beyond the realm of imagination, at that point situate on the land and do Rudrabhisek. 

  6. Take little milk, 2 leaves of basil and clove and retain that individual and stream it in water. Take a residue from that land and tie up in red fabric. Keep this fabric before the ruler Ganesh. 

  7. Additional Remedy: An individual who face issues in youth they may have face issues after the age of 36. For this situation, you need to keep up great relations with in laws house. Keep your sibling and sister in law like they are your kids. Try not to do betting. Stream one copper coin in water on Wednesday once in a month.


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